Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Typical Thanksgiving day in the Pacific NW, rainy and gray.

However, I still have plenty to be thankful for! Some of the first things that come to mind, (although not necessarily in order!) is the wonderful aroma of the turkey in the oven, my 4 grand kids running around, my sons having their turn at taking care of kids (ha ha!), my dogs, not used to all the noise and commotion, but still anticipating a taste at whatever is smelling so good in the house, and the list goes on.

Some things change from year to year and some things never do. Whitey is cooking the Thanksgiving meal as he has done for 33 years, minus one year when we were invited to some friends' house. He was not happy about it, but we actually got away with it for that one year only. I, on the other hand would be more than happy to accept any and all invitations to go elsewhere as I tend to be more adventurous. Still, I guess I should not complain about not having to cook!

My parents are in Yuma for Thanksgiving again this year. My sister and family have their own celebration, as well as my brother and his family.

I am a mixed bag of emotion, as the holidays often bring to the surface feelings that have been neatly tucked aside the rest of the year. I would so love to be at my grandmother's house. She made the best mashed potatoes and gravy. And the best dressing for her tossed salad.....

I guess only a grandma can use instant potatoes and add catsup to her dressing and seem like a top chef to a kid. As I got older, it was so not cool to HAVE to go to grandmas' house even though now as a grandma myself, I'd give anything to visit with her and pick her brain about cooking, kids,.... anything I could glean from this wise and Godly woman.

Anyway, it's time to eat....and pass the torch to myself so that I can make memories for my kids and grandkids, so that they will look back on Thanksgiving and long to be at grandmas house.