Saturday, October 30, 2010

New addition!

Peanut,  (one of my weeny dogs) always feels a need to get into the action!

Anyway, my friend's fiance is selling his house and this will not fit in my friend's house, soooooooo since I fell in love with this beauty at first sight, he agreed to sell it to me! How cool is that??? Reminds me of something I'd find in a French farmhouse.
I've been putting dishes and glasses in it a little at a time, it holds a TON of stuff!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monday Oct. 18 card class

When I teach a class, I come up with three designs using stamps and supplies we have in the store so that the cards can be re-created easily with supplies that can be purchased that day.

After teaching between  8 to 20 women how to construct the cards I design for class, I find that the next day I can come up with some things I can improve on, or at least do a little bit differently. At home, relaxed and free to use whatever I want, I can come up with revised cards using personal stash that we perhaps no longer carry in the store but that I would still like to use!
Here are a few examples of the re-makes;

These are the class cards;

The third card is pretty much the same and I liked it as is, but I colored some of the apples different colors.
The class "notes and leaves" card was really different because I did not have enough leaf stickers for both classes, so I just used it as a sample card and I really like how it turned out! Same thing with the squirrel. I had plenty of the May Arts ribbon for the class card, but not enough Paper Co. ribbon that I used for the sample. If I did these over, they would be really different again, since I can't seem to make the same card twice! That's what I love about my hobby, there are never ending choices so it's pretty hard to get bored!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creative "Bug"

Oh  how I love when that happens!!!
Miles invited Syl and I to another fabulous flower arranging class at his shop, Fiori Floral's, new location.
We made a gorgeous fall arrangement with hydrangeas, roses, spider mums, berries, scented geranium leaves, orchids, apples, oak leaves...oh my! Unbelievably gorgeous! My pictures will not do it justice.
 I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't get any shots of the new shop, but it is REALLY nice!
Anyway, this class spurred a bout of creativity in me today to where  I spent the day changing furniture around to make room for a new addition!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!  I'll post when the big day arrives, and no, I'm not having a baby! ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

class tomorow...

Guess where I'll be all day! Wonder what I'll come up with? I'll let you know later..............

Monday, October 11, 2010

couple of card classes...

House Mouse, Angel Delights

GI Christmas Globe with Winter Mailbox
And a few cards I designed for the September 20th class. Weird doing Halloween cards already!

Great Impressions Happy Pumpkins

Great Impressions Spider Tree

Great Impressions Three Black Cats