Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still Under Construction

Wow, it's been over a month sice I updated my blog. Keeping up with the property during growing season is taking a lot of time. However, it is very theraputic as well as enabling me to get much needed exercise. I also purchased my first lawn mower, a self propelled, mulching, easy start, Honda. There are a lot of spaces I can't get to with the riding mower so this is a great help. Between mowing, raking, weed eating and edging, it is a full time job. I am also slowly but surely doing some "deep weeding" so that I can cover with topsoil and beauty bark. Hopefully that will help to keep the weeds down. Everything is a learning experience for me since Whitey always did the outside work. i think he'd be proud of me, except for the vegetable garden that is in DESPERATED need of weeding and only has onions this year. Never got to the carrots or sunflowers. I still might try to get those in.

My bathroom is still unfinished as I have been so indecisive about what to use for the shower. Tile or cultured stone/marble? The countertop will be formica, but I didn't want to pick that out until I figure out the shower situation.
So much still needs to be done, it's overwhelming, but I feel very blessed that I am able to make these improvements. That said, the vanity, lighting, linnen closet and toilet are in. I had to pick out the paint color, handles, knobs, sink, faucets, sconces, overhead light, toilet, towel bars, tp holder, so many little details you don't normally think about. So when it came time to look at tile, I was exhausted! Steve custom made the vanity and linnen closet in Hickory. They are georgeous!

I think I will go back out on the hunt tomorow!