Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fragrance Heaven!

Mom gave me some wild roses close to ten years ago. They had been transplanted from her roses and given to me in one of those containers from the nursery. I decided to clear a spot in the back of my private garden that I had started the year before. It has blossomed into a huge, beautiful fragrant beauty of a wild rose and it is my flower garden favorite.

Too bad I can't bottle up that perfect fragrance, I'd make a million!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I spent a lovely Sunday at my sister and brother in law's house for Father's Day. The weather wasn't great, but at least it didn't rain while the burgers were cooking! I brought a taco salad and between that and all the wonderful food, no one went home hungry! After we ate, we geared up for a game of Skip-Bo, which I hadn't played in YEARS, but I managed to win 2 of the 5 hands that we played!

Mom poses for a picture while dad deals the cards! Dad also had the card shuffling job, which was not too hard since Jeff and Syl have a battery operated card shuffler. They are serious about their card games! I spent Sunday morning making a couple cards for dad and Jeff. Whitey is in Minnesota visiting his dad so he didn't get one :(   I like to "custom" make my cards, so I usually wait until the last minute, but I seem to work better under pressure for some reason. Dad and I are both hopeless horse lovers, so he usually gets something "horsey" or western themed. I got the inspiration for this card on the Splitcoaststamper's site in the SU gallery.

Since Jeff is a musician, I decided to go with the guitar and I made my own background with it. I added the "joy" script because it needed something, and I really like how it turned out!

I also made an anniversary card last week for Syl and Jeff.
Wow, I must have been in a "brown" mood  ;-)  Oh well, they seemed to like it!

Yesterday I worked out in my yard which was in DESPERATE need of weeding. I wish I would have taken before and afters. Everything looks so nice today even though there is still so much to do, Don was nice enough to mowing and weed eating. Maybe I'll get out today and take some pictures before the weeds take over again, you know how they seem to grow overnight! ~later!~

Friday, June 17, 2011

For the love of Quiche!

Cindi's crab quiche

Quiche has always been a family favorite recipe. And no wonder. How anything so easy can be so good, is heaven for anyone who likes to cook........ or maybe needs to be discovered by someone who doesn't like to cook!
Whitey was able to get 6 HUGE crab right off the boat last week, and so I have been in crab heaven!
I have had crab chunks dipped in garlic butter, crab salad, crab muffins and finally crab quiche!
I have been cheating lately and  not making the crust , don't tell anyone! shhhhhhhhhhhh!
I just line my pan with parchment paper and dump in all of the ingredients. Delightful!!! It's not that I don't like the crust , because I do, it's just the lazy way to do it and I'm all about that ! :)
What I like most about quiche is that it is so versatile. Anything you throw in is going to be fantastic, so it is great for using leftovers. I had leftover crab , mushrooms and a red onion, so mine was just as simple as that. Just throw in  the half and half, swiss cheese, eggs and mayo and you are good to go!
My only complaint is that I only got one piece :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Haylee, 1997-2011

I had to put my 14 year old kitty down yesterday morning. 
Unfortunately I have been through this many times but it never gets easier. I need to do some theraputic writing, but it's still too hard. I have some pictures of her that are on a disc I still need to find. Our front porch is very lonely without her.


I am really loving Pinterest. I got hooked through Moxie Fab World, one of my fave blogs.
As Cath explains it in her recent post;   Trend Talk: So...Pinterest...

"Many, many of you have been commenting about this new source of inspiration called Pinterest. You've noticed that I've been sourcing a great deal of the photos that I show you here in the Moxie Fab World via Pinterest, and it has been a topic of conversation in the Paper Crafts offices, on Facebook, and I'm sure countless other venues in the wide wide world.

Maybe you've been having a few of those conversations yourselves.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, all you need to do is click on this link, take a gander, and if you are at all remotely interested in visual inspiration (and I know that you are because why would you be here in the first place?), you will immediately and forever be a changed person.
Marta Writes

Not to sound like Pinterest could change your life or anything, but it could very well change the way you look at it.

For Pinterest is a place where you have the virtual power to gather pictures of all the pretty little things you enjoy and organize them onto "pin" boards. It's like having a wall full of bulletin boards upon which you can tack, and thereby collect, all the ideas, images, and inspiration you have ever found online."
For example, I love food and dyi home decor blogs, so if I see something particularly inspiring, I can pin it and it is saved on my board.
It's hard to "get it' until you try it!

Since I love Western Art, I have a board where I can pin picures that I really love;

Horses and Western Art

(This is not what the board looks like, these are just some of the images I pinned)

If you want to take a look at my board, click this link

If you see something you like, if you click on it, it will bring you to the blog or website. Just a warning, it is addictive, especially if you are a visual person!!!