Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Greetings

My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is to get up and sit in my bed with my laptop and peruse my favorite blogs for creative inspiration. On a good day, I can get a least an hour in until my bedroom is raided by kids, grand kids, dogs, cats, ringing phones etc. etc., until I finally have to get up and ready for church! Maybe it's God's way of making sure I get to church! Anyway, I found this adorable little turkey on the Cosmo Cricket site that I wished I would have seen prior to Thanksgiving so I could have tried to make him!
Then, while checking out Jennifer McGuire Ink, another favorite blog, I clicked on a link she had posted and came across this beautiful card! I wish I could claim for my own, but I can't. :-{    However, I am going to try and make something similar!
I love everything about his card in it's simple elegance, yet slightly edgy with the Kraft paper, stitching and distressing that we don't usually associate with elegance. Of course, then you add the bling on the little flourished tree and it is total eye candy, or as Cath would say, moxie fab!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more snow pics!

Well, this is the result of our first snowfall of the season! Boy did it get cold last night! Brrrrrrrr.
School was canceled today so I was feeling too lazy to get out of my jammies to take more outdoor pictures.
I just cracked the sliding glass door and took a few quick shots and closed the door as quickly as I could!
When Dan went out to feed the horses, he said the barn thermometer read 21degrees.It dipped down into the teens last night and made me sad for all the folks living on the streets :(  Thank goodness the Salvation Army vans are out finding people and handing out blankets, coats and mittens. God bless 'em, it's certainly not a job I would want to do.
So, I guess I will just stay in today and enjoy the snow from the warmth of my home and be thankful!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Our first snowfall of the season!
This is the only way I like snow. When it is falling, and before the slush!
These were taken when I went out to feed the horses about a half hour after the snow started. We have about an inch now. My family in the midwest would be thinking"woopti-doo", but for us, in this part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it is a big deal!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My favorite blog for eye candy!

I absolutely love Moxie Fab World! 
This blog makes my mouth water at all the beautiful creative inspirations that are out there! 
This arrangement is from Martha, of course, but I know someone who could make this even better, (you know who you are!).
Anyway, Cath Edvalson, creative director for Paper Crafts Magazine, has what she calls  "Tuesday Trigger" where she challenges paper crafters to create something using that color palate or something about the photo that inspires them. I love all the "triggers", but this one jumped out at me! First, I am a Martha fan and like most of what she does! Second, I love earth tones and fall colors. 3rd, I love the color yellow , and this combo with the orange is luscious! Then you add the candles and glassware, more on my list of "favorite things," and I have something I can be inspired by!!!
Hopefully, I'll have made something beautiful  in the next few days!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Netiri Dayla ,Princess Leona, Dragon James & Ninja Daemyan
These are my babies all dressed up for Trick or Treat. Aren't they cute???

Dragon James and Daemyan

Netiri Dayla
Princess Leona
OK, I'm biased, but I can't think of 4 cuter Trick or Treaters!!!