Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, I got up early to work on Christmas cards today and for some strange reason, everyone else decided to get up too! So much for my "quiet" time :(
Daemyan wanted to chat, Dayla wanted to use my die cut machine, Peanut wanted to play ball, Buddy wanted to chase the cats, Goergie wanted to look out the window even though I tried to explain to him that it was dark out and too early to look at birds. ***sigh***
So after getting up and down a gazillion times, I finally settled into my chair, ready to create, and Daniel comes in and says, "mom, get the camera!". ***double sigh***  I have been trying to capture George and mama cat in their favorite activity, bird/squirrel watching.
I wanted to get a picture of George in position, but turning to look and me, and well, no luck. When he hears his name, he walks over to me expecting a head rub. Cute cat......
OK, back to Christmas cards, will go to church tonight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sibling Christmas 2010

I  ***heart*** this picture!!!
It was one of  MANY, and believe me when I say MANY attempts to get some good shots Saturday night at out annual Sibling Christmas Dinner.
It's definitely not a bad thing, but we were laughing soooooooooo hard we could barely breathe as we attempted to try to get a shot that we all liked, as we were being very critical of our... (ah hem)... "mature"
faces and bodies! :)
But.............artistically, I like this one better!
I love the relaxed and cozy feel of the three of us as well as the reflection of the Christmas tree in the mirror, and believe me, it was not an easy "feel" to achieve! We were exceptionally goofy as it was almost midnight
and, well, we were delirious! (except Sylvia, little night owl, who came to life when we were all draggin' our buns!)
We had a blast and I will post more pics as I get them edited!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Three Stooges

This was taken on Thanksgiving, so I'm a *little* late posting it! Dayla was in Texas visiting her other grandparents, so unfortunately, no Thanksgiving picture with miss Dayla :(

I didn't take too many pictures this year. I hadn't been feeling 100%, and then ended up with a 24 hour flu bug that put me in bed the whole next day. :(  
I haven't been too creative lately, hopefully this next week will be more productive. The house needs some decorations and Christmas cards need to be made and sent out! At least I have some of my shopping done.
Christmas has always been a mixed bag for me. I know the true meaning, yet, I still struggle every year with the whole season. I have to constantly focus on gratitude or I go down the drain emotionally. I think it's some sort of melancholy gene. Maybe this year will be different?