Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blast from the past!

I've been in a scrapbooking mood lately. It's about time, since I have countless photos waiting patiently to be put into albums and a life time (or more) of supplies to embellish them with!
This is a photo I came across the other night as I was looking for Daemyan's school picture taken this fall. The store has some really cute school themed papers and embellies, so I thought I'd make some displays.
Anyway, this picture was taken in front of Whitey's grandpa's house when we went back there the fall after we got married. My son said it looks like "Beauty and the Beast"!!! ha ha! Dang, I'd sure like to be that skinny again! I'm sure Whitey wishes he had that hair again!
So, I have been wanting to do a "Heritage" album for the kids and grand kids, not for now, but for when we're gone and they actually miss us, they'll be able to look through the album and hopefully find as much joy looking through our story in pictures as I did creating the layouts.
I loved looking at my dad's photos when I was young and I'm sure it had a huge influence on my love of photography and scrapbooking. The card designing part of me came from both my grandmothers who faithfully wrote me letters as well as my maternal aunts who were great letter writers. Nowadays, this is as close as I come to letter writing, but I try (really I do!) to send cards that I have created. Just a little part of me, as personal as a hand written letter.