Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monday Oct. 18 card class

When I teach a class, I come up with three designs using stamps and supplies we have in the store so that the cards can be re-created easily with supplies that can be purchased that day.

After teaching between  8 to 20 women how to construct the cards I design for class, I find that the next day I can come up with some things I can improve on, or at least do a little bit differently. At home, relaxed and free to use whatever I want, I can come up with revised cards using personal stash that we perhaps no longer carry in the store but that I would still like to use!
Here are a few examples of the re-makes;

These are the class cards;

The third card is pretty much the same and I liked it as is, but I colored some of the apples different colors.
The class "notes and leaves" card was really different because I did not have enough leaf stickers for both classes, so I just used it as a sample card and I really like how it turned out! Same thing with the squirrel. I had plenty of the May Arts ribbon for the class card, but not enough Paper Co. ribbon that I used for the sample. If I did these over, they would be really different again, since I can't seem to make the same card twice! That's what I love about my hobby, there are never ending choices so it's pretty hard to get bored!

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