Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more snow pics!

Well, this is the result of our first snowfall of the season! Boy did it get cold last night! Brrrrrrrr.
School was canceled today so I was feeling too lazy to get out of my jammies to take more outdoor pictures.
I just cracked the sliding glass door and took a few quick shots and closed the door as quickly as I could!
When Dan went out to feed the horses, he said the barn thermometer read 21degrees.It dipped down into the teens last night and made me sad for all the folks living on the streets :(  Thank goodness the Salvation Army vans are out finding people and handing out blankets, coats and mittens. God bless 'em, it's certainly not a job I would want to do.
So, I guess I will just stay in today and enjoy the snow from the warmth of my home and be thankful!

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  1. I think all together, we got three to four inches. That's pretty good for this area.