Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Three Stooges

This was taken on Thanksgiving, so I'm a *little* late posting it! Dayla was in Texas visiting her other grandparents, so unfortunately, no Thanksgiving picture with miss Dayla :(

I didn't take too many pictures this year. I hadn't been feeling 100%, and then ended up with a 24 hour flu bug that put me in bed the whole next day. :(  
I haven't been too creative lately, hopefully this next week will be more productive. The house needs some decorations and Christmas cards need to be made and sent out! At least I have some of my shopping done.
Christmas has always been a mixed bag for me. I know the true meaning, yet, I still struggle every year with the whole season. I have to constantly focus on gratitude or I go down the drain emotionally. I think it's some sort of melancholy gene. Maybe this year will be different?

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