Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sponge Bob, Cone Head

We don't know exactly what he did, but it resulted in surgery to put his, uh, excuse me, penis back in place. :-(  Yow!!!
My vet took one look and said, "O  MY  GOSH!!!"
Well, you know that's not a good sign. Dr. Pat said that he had never seen anything like that in his 13 years of  practice. He even wanted before and after pictures. Poor cat looked as though someone had taken a razor blade and gave him a vertical slit along the side of his penis. Like a fillet, as the vet put it.
Anyway, he has to stay in for 10 days and wear the cone so that he does not lick the area. He has been very good about it, it's just hard for him to eat, so I put his food down on a towel.
He seems very comfortable in Buddy's bed and is feeling pretty good about being able to live in the house for now! The others cats tolerate him and the dogs leave him alone since he doesn't run from them, it just isn't much fun for them.

Now, on to a different subject! :)
These are cards I designed for my February class.

And a couple more for shop displays..... 


  1. Poor Sponge Bob! Pretty cards though.

  2. Oh, Cindi, I love your cards! They are very "springy", which is what I wait for with great expectation!
    I'm glad to hear that Sponge Bob is convalescing quite well, it seems. :)

  3. Hi there Horseygal! Love that 2nd card, it's really beautiful! Just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway:) Please send me your address to my email so that I can get it out to you in the mail( I'm also your newest follower...