Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still working on my cards!

I hope to have them finished by this weekend so I can send them off on Monday. We'll see!
I have about a dozen made. Instead of using only scraps, which I had originally planned on, I am doing a combination of scraps and recycling.
I have a box full of cards from Christmases past that didn't quite make the cut and I am repurposing them. for example, a slightly crooked greating might be cut out and adhered to a different card etc.
Anyway, it's been a lot of fun.

This card started out as a silver embossed tree. I didn't like the way the embossing had turned out so I never used the card. So. I got rid of the tree that was on the the silver, cut out an angel and adhered it to the silver scalloped oval, painted it in (a whole other story!), added a punched border to the left side and adhered it to what the other side of the paper looks like (striped) and than to a white base.

This card was also a smaller size with an ugly mustard oval in the middle with a sentiment. YUK! I used a pretty vintage tag in the middle instead and added some gold cord and adhered it to a pear green base.

I wish i had taken before and after pictures, which I am going to start doing. Well, back to work!

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