Thursday, January 7, 2010

A time to be born

and a time to die.

This verse came to me as I thought about the sudden loss of our shop kitty yesterday at the store where I work. Everyone loved Sammie. They would stop in just to say hi to Sammie as they went about their day. He loved them and all the atention he recieved. He was a very special cat. I am having a very hard time writing this. You see, he was a kitten from my now spayed female cat. He was one of 5 kittens that I brought to the store to find homes for.
Kandi, my awesome boss, fell in love with him and wanted him for a shop cat. She would never admit it, but she fell for him because he was small and his brothers picked on him. Kandi has 6 foster kids that she has adopted that would never have have a fighting chance in this world without her. She has the awesome ability to love people where they are at. She is always kind to people, no matter who they are or what they have done. She loved this kitty who was the underdog. Why did this have to happen to such a wonderful person? I think of all the a**wholes
out there abusing their animals for years and they get away with it. And this kind, wonderful, gentle hearted person looses her kitty for no apparent reason????

Which leads me to another verse...

The rain falls on the just and the unjust. Not too much of a comfort right now, but a reminder
of the realities of life.....and death.

R.I.P. Sammie, we love and miss you.


  1. Cindi, i loved little Sammie. He just belonged there in the Granny shop. He would dart around the rooms, and he would scoot and jump up on the counder he would snuggle in a lap. Oh how i miss the little adorable bugger. A sad day, that is for sure. It was fun having Nachoes with you again. Our favorite hangout. Hugs Girlfriend. I am writing this on my new Gateway computer. Love ya dear One. barb xo xo

  2. Hi again, dear Cindi: yes, soon it will be Spring again. Then, we won't be able to wait until the pretty Fall season. Then, we won't be able to wait until Christmas is over! And so it goes and goes. Love ya, Hon xoxo hugs, your friend, barb