Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a cat's life!

Mama cat seems to be enjoying her new bed on my sewing desk. She kept laying on my fabric and clothes
and it was driving me nuts because of the cat hair, so I got her a bed, which took her a couple weeks to even try to use! Cats.............

And then there is George. He has claimed my fabric scrap basket as his own. First my printer, now my scrap basket. I replaced my fabric scraps with a washable towel.
Then there is Linky dink. He loves our couch.
Wow, that's a "leave me alone" look if I've ever seen one! Excuse me!
And the lump under my blankets???

Why yes, that is one of my spoiled rotten lovable dogs, Miss Peanut. Whatever happened to my "I'll never have a dog in my bed", much less "I don't want dogs in the house!". I guess that has fallen by the wayside along with my spotless house, girlish figure and natural hair color. Good grief!

Unlike them, I will be a busy little bee today, creating cards and prepping paper for my classes tomorrow. These are the stamps and paper that made the cut. I still need to decide on which stamp I won't be using. It will depend on the cards that I like the best!
Will post finished cards later, not sure how much later, but later.......

To all of my 3 followers out there, have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, and a safe President's Day.
I will be busy teaching my classes!      

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