Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilt for Dayla!

Since Dayla's birthday is in July, I thought I'd start her quilt now, so that it would be quilted and the binding would be done by the time her birthday rolls around. Our shop( has an Accucut  machine so I thought I'd do something simple and use the machine to do squares.

Not as easy as I thought!
Quilters use a felt wall to put their cut fabric pieces on so that they can create their pattern. This picture shows my cut squares in the pattern that I had originally thought I'd use...that is until I thought about having to line up the corners of the squares. Unless my quarter inch seam is spot on, it will affect the whole pattern.
So I decided to stagger the squares to make it a little more forgiving.
Still not foolproof............I don't have all the rows sewn together yet because some ended up kind of  "off" so I need to rip out my seams and try again.
I guess instead of wanting to be a wannabee quilter I should stick to cards and scrap booking. :)
Actually, Dayla will love this with all it's imperfections. What I've been told is that the Amish always include a piece to their quilt that is not perfect to remind them of who the only Perfect One is. 

I love the Amish!


  1. I am so proud of you! I love it and I'm so excited for Dayla!