Saturday, April 2, 2011

blog hopping

Some like to read the newspaper, (not me), some like to read books, (I do too, but  I get so relaxed I fall asleep, so it takes me forever to finish), or some enjoy watching tv or movies which I also enjoy in small doses. But what I really love to do is sit in my bed with my laptop on the rare mornings that I am not rushing off to take DH to the bus stop or to work, dentist, doctor, grocery store, etc. etc.
I have a list of  "regulars" that I visit, but on these wonderful, leisurely mornings, I let my favorite blogs take me down the never ending rabbit trail of other interesting blogs. My fav DIY blog, below.....
sent me on a trail of great new places to visit, as well as revisit some I have already seen such as ....
bake at 350. In addition to card and DIY sites, I love cooking related blogs. This one had a mouth watering Nutella filled tortilla recipe that I will be trying very soon. I might even try it with a new recipe for crepes that I found on
A new site I was led to by centsational girl is this beautiful handcrafted silver and pearl jewelery site. OMGosh! Rustic elegance, my favorite "look"!

some of my favorite pieces,


Now to leave with a some cute "gas humour," and you probably need some if you have to fill up as often as I do!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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