Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christmas in April?

No way! Yes way.
I had my first Christmas card class of 2011 on Monday night. Saying I wasn't in the mood to do Christmas cards was quite the understatement! I definitively had to get inspired by other cards to pull this off. It's called CASEing in my world. (copy and share everything). It is considered an honor to CASE someone's work as long as you give full credit to the original designer. (Who probably CASEd it from someone else, by the way, but whatever!). Anyway, most folks do not copy someone else's work EXACTLY, but take ideas from either the lay out, color combinations or the way the embellishments were used, etc, etc. As artists and designers, musicians, painters, any of the arts really, we all do this to get our inspiration. So, I wanted to post my CASEs. I CASEd my own card in this next example! (It's perfectly acceptable to do that!).

The first card I designed was for Jack B., one of our awesome Lifeteen Mass guitarists.
I loved the ripped and distressed music notes, so when designing my "dashing through the snow" card, I used the idea of the music notes on that card as well. The scored blue paper I used on the HB card, inspired my red flocking on the Christmas card. I just used ScoreTape and Martha Stewart flock in "ladybug".
It looks like velvet ribbon!

Next, I was really wanting to use an adorable snowman by Stampendous that I bought last year, but have not really gotten to use too much. I went online too see how Stampendous had used it and found some  adorable examples. So I narrowed it down to this one,
Pretty dang cute, huh? It would have been hard for me to improve on his cuteness factor, so I decided to make it very similar with the supplies that I had. So I came up with this;
Still pretty cute, with a few changes. Can you find them? LOL!
Anyway, I have two GKS here begging for breakfast, so the third card will have to wait!


  1. It's still cold enough for winter! Noelle's bus driver said that it was snowing up at her place yesterday morning! BRRR!

  2. All of your cards are beautiful!