Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Part II

I thought that I would finish my post on Sue and Lupe's big day before it is their 1st year anniversary!!!
Well, this is what their guests were treated to, as they walked up the driveway to the "big tent".

I just love those balloons! It just makes the event so special and welcoming for guests!
There were also balloons at the walkway leading up to the barn.

And of course, everyone knows that if there is a horse around, it will draw little girls like magnets.
Emmy was surrounded by little girls most of the day and she seemed to enjoy all the attention!

Sue couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, even though it was COLD!
The BBQ truck arrived and set up to feed the masses. Please notice the beautiful split rail fence that Lupe put up from logs that had fallen on the property. ***sigh***

I was so happy to see some old friends from our Northwest Reining Association. None of us are showing horses at the moment, and it was fun to talk about the good old times! We are all, including Sue, charter members of NWRA. We have been there right from the foundation of the club and spent many MANY hours getting it off the ground. We are all happy to hear that it is still going strong, as we all put tons of blood, sweat and tears into that club!

Jeannie, Al, Tony and Kim

This is the best shot I got of the toast. There were people crowding all around and I had to do a bit of cropping and editing to lighten the picture. Sue toasted to "the best thing she even won at the Casino!", to which all the women wanted to know which Casino and were all heading there ;)

A good time was had by all......
............................especially Daemyan when he finally go to get into the hot tub!

These were actually taken Sunday morning. I think that by the time he got in on Saturday night, I was not able to find my camera. Well, better than not being able to find my car, right???

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