Monday, November 7, 2011

Sue and Lupe's BBQ, Part I

One of my longtime BFF's had a wedding reception BBQ at her home on Saturday.
I can safely say that everyone had a great time, including DGS, because he was off with all the other kids playing in the field on their property.
I went up to help her set up on Friday and tried to document the process in pictures, but unfortunately, you get busy and forget :-(  so I don't have a lot ...You should be able to click on them to make them larger!

When I arrived, the tent guys were just starting to set it up, so I got to visit with Sue and another one of her friends for a while before actually getting to work. That was kinda nice and involved wine and pizza. ;-)

front view

rear view

So, after much visiting and wine drinking, strategically planning our every move, we started to set up.
This involved laying down carpet scraps in the dirt and covering them up with straw.

angels watching over us , here.

Sue's son, Brandon and his wife Kat were there as well as her other son, Chad, and his girlfriend Leslie. Cool kids!
Even Jack, one of her senior fur babies "helped".

After the straw was spread out, we set up the tables and chairs.
 Lots of them.....

Each table got a red plastic tablecloth, covered by a white linen tablecloth, a mirror in the middle with a candle. We then scattered little red and clear rocks around and atop of the mirror.

Anyway, part II coming up later!

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