Thursday, September 27, 2012

Signs of Fall

While doing my chores today, I felt an intense awareness that the season really had changed very quickly, from the warm sunny mornings of late summer to the crisp and foggy mornings of autumn.
Of course, I knew intellectually, almost in an absent-minded way, and had been adjusting to the fall schedule of outdoor activities, but this morning it just hit me at a different level of awareness.

I mean, I knew if was fall because school started for Daemyan. I wasn't mowing the yard as often. Weeding,... hadn't really given it much thought lately. Daylight getting shorter and shorter...... 
But on Sunday, after church, I passed the nursery and saw people picking out colorful mums and the urge to transition to fall on a more conscious level really hit me. I turned the truck around and went back to the nursery decided to stop in to buy mums for my back deck and ended up with not only mums, but a few "burning bush" plants that will turn a fiery red before the leaves fall off.
 I love fall colors and have typically loved the fall, but this year it seems as though I have been a little apprehensive about the changing season. The football season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all without Whitey this year. He would have been excited about making a nice toasty fire and planning his Thanksgiving menu. I'd be recording games for him to watch in his "man cave" after work. Sometimes the silence is deafening. Without the summer's flurry of activities, the reality of the season is hard to ignore. So I try to do what he would have done, but with my own twist, of course!
I even bought a new birdhouse!
So, I will feel my grief and loss and try not to take any day for granted with all it's ups and downs, as we never know how many seasons that we and our loved ones have left.
Enjoy the beauty of the early fall! There are a lot of changes to come!


Just for grins...........


  1. Gorgeous Fall photos Cindi! Hmmm....I may have to visit my local nursery too :0

    1. Thank you Jenny! How sweet of you to post! :)

    2. Beautiful pictures! You know how I love flowers!

  2. what beautiful pictures. I think it's bleeding heart plant??? It almost looks like fairies flittering about? thanks for sharing.