Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer goes so fast.....

Time once again, has gotten away from me.
Daemyan has started the 6th grade and once again, fall is here.

Although the summer was a pretty lazy, I managed to keep real busy. Yardwork was never ending, and taking care of the neighbor's horses kept me out of mischief. Well, kinda... ;)
Looking back at my calendar, there were A LOT of trips to Home Depot, picking out paint, hardware, light fixures, toilets, sinks, tiles, countertops, flooring, building a new front deck, 6 weeks of swimming lessons for Daemyan and Dayla, Ed and April's wedding, Allapalooza, sibling lunches, painting projects, Stanwood Fair, my mini vacation to Twisp/Winthrop, Evergreen Fair and a trip to Mike and Kim's in Leavenworth! Oh, and Daemyan's 12th birthday, Dayla's 8th birthday, a new paint job and roof on my barn and a brand new truck! Whew!

Here are some of my "summer in pictures!"
swimming lessons
 new front deck
 Miss Dayla's 8th birthday

tons of mowing and yardwork!

 Painting at mom and dad's
 Sibling get-to-gether
building the kennel
horse sitting
sibling get-to-gether

New bathroom in progress

new Toyota Tacoma
Trip to Winthrop/Twisp

A wonderful friend of ours has a really nice vacation home in Twisp and graciously offered to let us stay there. So, I took him up on it! Sylvia, Noelle, me and Daemyan packed up and headed east on August 7th and came back on the 10th. It was short, sweet and perfect! We fell in love with the Methow Valley !
As you can see, we were not exactly "roughing it", which by the way, is fine with us.

Next is our trip to mike and Kim's in Leavenworth!

More picures to come, they are on the other computer :/

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