Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beautiful Fall Colors

I was working out in my garden on Tuesday, and noticed how beautiful my little maple looked in the distance.

It has really grown this year and the leaves changing from green to beautiful yellow/orange make it stand out from the majority of evergreens on my property.

I just had to zoom in on it!
I love to go out and take pictures in my yard to compare how much things are growing from year to year. This tree was from mom and dad's property and I have been trying to remember when we planted it. I believe the pictures below were taken 4 years ago. It was so small!

   This one was taken from the barn with my rake leaning up against it. It must have been late spring or early summer (?) not sure but it looks like the leaves don't look all the way open. Was it the same year as the above? Pictures. I really need to start dating my pictures better. (The properties on my camera are not always correct.)

I always have plans of doing a comparison scrapbook of my plants and trees. Because most of them have been gifts from friends and family, they have special meaning.
In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy taking my pictures and keeping better track of dating them.

Maybe someday!

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