Friday, July 9, 2010

4rth of July weekend, Cindi style

Cindi style as in LATE! ***blush***

Unfortunately, this picture does not even begin to show the craziness of our 4rth of July celebration.
It actually started on Saturday with the yearly Alapalooza and went on until way into the morning of July 5th.
Al & Lori Kirkeby have a party on the first Saturday of July for Al's birthday and have cleverly named it "Alapalooza". We have been faithfully attending it now for quite a few years, although I can't remember the exact year that they started it. We all look forward to it every year, as the weather is always great, food and drink good and plentiful, dog heaven if you choose to bring your pooch and then there is the swimming pool........... The kids get there and we don't see  them until it is time to leave.The only time they come out is to eat, and even then, we have to force them!
Even after swimming all day, they were so excited about the fireworks (which we had both Saturday and Sunday) that it was hard to get them tired out. Oh, to be young again!
When we got home from Lori and Al's, the girls talked me into saddling up Harmon and I ended up giving rides to all the kids. Poor Harmon didn' know what hit him! I even got on! Must have been a sight with me in my old 4-H saddle that is kid sized! Glad no one took a picture! Anyway, we had 12 people here spending the night! Sleeping bags, blankets and tents everywhere! The kids had a blast jumping on the trampoline, roasting hot dogs and smores at our campspot, the girls brushing the horses, the dogs and cats running for their lives!!! I'm sure they will remember this as a highlight of their summer!


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