Saturday, July 24, 2010

More on my quilt :)

I started this quilt for Daemyan last July.  I have  never made a quilt before, but working in a quilt store, you kind of catch the bug! I pieced it together a little bit at a time and finally had it professionally quilted and I love it!
It still needs the binding done, which I will have professionally done also since it takes a lot of hand sewing :(
I doubt it would EVER get done if I planned on doing it! Today Kandi, my boss, helped me make a pillow case with my leftover pieces. Also my first try at a pillowcase. It's really weird, the hum of my sewing machine is very relaxing ....kind of like comfort food. Reminds me of my mom sewing when I was younger. My french grandmother, mom's mom, also sewed, so I guess like singing, I am a late bloomer. Better late than never!

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