Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a Day

Not even sure how to start this post because it was a great AND tragic day at the same time.

Even though it is way past my beauty sleep time, because writing is therapeutic, I really needed to post.

This is the way a family outing starts out. This could have been the same picture snapped by the mom of the 11 year old girl that died at the ice caves today. Same age as Noelle. Just a little older than Daemyan. Wow,
I can barely comprehend (and don't want to) the grief and confusion this family must be feeling. You are trying to do the right thing by taking your kids on a road trip and the unthinkable happens.
We got there right as one of the aid cars was getting there. I was in la la land. Syl was driving, we had an awesome lunch and just wanted to take a nice drive. I wanted to do something with Daemyan. I wanted to stay and Syl and John wanted to leave.
I told Daemyan we were going to the ice caves and that's what I wanted to do.
I did not realize the severity of what had happened.
We started to walk the trail thinking that someone had broken a leg, not ok, but not life threatening. As we kept walking, people were walking back from the sight, very somber, shell shocked,  but only a few shared what was going on. Some EMT's
passed us with a stretcher, in a hurry but not "rushing". I started to get a bad feeling that I was pushing aside. What did they know that we didn't?
 But I had told Daemyan we were going to the  ice caves and I didn't want to let him down. his dad...... like his mom.............

Daemyan was a little snot today. I know he doesn't  understand too much that went on at the ice caves today...........or last night with his dad.......... but I hope that someday he will look upon this day with fondness, even with it's tragedy, as a day he got to go on a road trip with grandma, aunt Sylvia, Noelle, and uncle John.

That's all I've got.

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  1. It is so tough to promise something to these little ones then not be able to follow through. Especially when those who should be, cannot or will not. Someday he will see that there is a difference. You are such a wonderful grandma with an ongoing record of keeping your promises when at all humanly possible. This was just another hard lesson of life... Some things are just beyond our control.