Thursday, March 29, 2012

5th Grade "Fun" Basket

Daemyan's class had a band concert during the Lenten soup supper at his school last evening.
I wish I would have remembered my camera, it is so cute to see all those kiddos up there playing their hearts out! Daemyan plays the bell kit which looks like a xylophone, but I'm not allowed to call it a xylophone! :(
As we were getting ready to leave, I was chatting with his teacher, Mrs. Reichlin, and she presented me with a basket from the 5th grade class and parents! She called it a "fun" basket and it was filled with "fun" stuff! Gift certificates, books, bath and body supplies, a wind chime, candle and other little goodies! How sweet was that? My favorite item was a pink and purple painting with hearts that Daemyan created for the school's Silent Auction which was held earlier this month.

Daemyan's friend Josh's mom brought a cute stuffed bear out to the car as we were leaving! It had been given to her by a special friend a long time ago and she wanted Daemyan to have him.

His name is Bartholomew. I forgot to ask how he got the name! Now, to keep him away from buddy, who LOVES to eat stuffed animals.

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