Friday, March 30, 2012

Bird Watching

(I took these pictures from inside my window, so forgive the reflections!)

This morning, while sitting at my desk, with every intention of making cards, I ended up bird watching.
After Whitey died, I didn't think I was going to keep up with his hobby of bird and squirrel watching/feeding.
I just didn't know if it was "my thing". After going for a time without feeding the birds, I discovered that I missed hearing them in the morning when I went out to feed my animals. It was just too quiet. I missed seeing them scrambling around on the ground for stray seeds and splashing around in the birdbath.
So, after a trip to the feed store and $49.93 worth of seed, I'm back in business.

Whitey would be happy.

I put a feeder outside my window next to the purple lilac, (which is bursting with buds, can't wait!!!) and it is bustling with bird activity. Mostly chickadees and finches, but I have seen a blue jay (Stellar Jay) trying to get in on the action, as well as those pesky squirrels.

 The squirrel almost looks like a statue in this picture!

Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in the picture, but the tree is full of birds!

I ended up having to move the feeder away from the tree because the sqirrels were jumping from the tree to the feeder :(

I think I need another feeder too, the finches don't like to share with the chickadees.........I think I'm hooked ;)
Stay tuned for more bird & squirrel adventures.

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  1. I'm with you, I love watching and listening but I have to keep filling the darned feeders in order to do that!