Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Front Porch Tear Down

Work began on my front deck last week and I am over-the-top excited about it's progress.
In a perfect world, I would have finished my bathroom first I suppose, but the deck really needed to be started while it is nice out and still have time to enjoy it before the rainy season is in full force again. At this point, I've decided that I'm the only one allowed to walk on it once completed, but I doubt that will work :(
The old deck was built way back after we bought the place so it has served it's time. Not to mention that I fell through rotten boards, not once, which was bad enough, but twice. I ended up with some nasty bruising and thought that I had broken my foot, but thank goodness, I had not.

So long old deck!

No more falling through rotten boards!

South side

North side

this post had to be replaced because guess what???

The old one was rotten. I suppose the roof would have fallen on me next :(

So, that's enough of the tear down. Chapter 2 will be Front deck rebuild!

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