Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Busy Day

What is boredom? Someone please explain!

Yesterday was another one of those days that was so packed with activities that I could barely get out of bed this morning!
My first project- Get the Onion Garden Weeded.
Onion garden, as opposed to vegetable garden, because onions are about as far as I got before my back/hips gave out on me :(
Actually, I did get some oregano in, but in my crazy business, it went to seed already. The slugs got my parsley and my cilantro (a gift from my hairdresser) is still sitting patiently in little pots waiting to go in the ground. My tomato plant looks pathetic. I tried to cheat and buy a big plant and grow it on the back porch which is an inferno in the summer, but apparently it was too hot even for the heat lovin' plant, so I put it in the big garden, and it is looking very sad indeed. Whitey always planted potatoes and I have volunteers, otherwise it's just onions. I got carried away. I planted shallots, Spanish red onions, yellow onions, Walla Walla Sweets, leeks, and a few others that I can't remember. I brought the tags in to research onion care on the Internet and got sidetracked, can't find the tags that I was going to promptly put back in the row so that I would not forget what was what, and guess what??? Nuff said.
Weeding has gotten to be my full time job even though it wreaks havok with my body, so I decided to try my hand at rototilling the weeds to make things "easier" for me. HA! I sit in my bed as I write this post! Anyway, this is as far as I got. Some of the onions are hard to see through the weeds :(  Yikes!
My poor pathetic tomatoe plant is the sad one on the right.

On to project #2- Finish painting at mom and dad's (while they are in Corsica, lucky dogs, they owe us BIG!!!)
They, (meaning Mom) wanted the family/TV room painted. Syl and I decided to get creative and do an "accent" wall where the TV sits. We picked out a beautiful blue/green color,

.......but Sylvia thought it looked too dark and opressive and cavelike. I didn't want to do it over so I thought it looked just fine. Well, she ended up buying a quart of white and mixing it in with the dark and that is what we did yesterday.
We covered up the dark with the lighter vesion and it really did look much better. We had to do two coats, so Syl mowed while I layed down :) Hey, I had already rototilled, OK?
Here is what we ended up with, not dry yet, so I got some glare going on.

Taken with the light on

 Taken with the light off, the glare is from the skylight

So after cleaning up, I drove the one hour drive home, stopped at the store because I decided I wanted a big salad for supper. Somewhere between getting the dogs out of the kennel and unpacking my car, I decided the field needed to be mowed. (???) I was getting delirious, I guess.

It wasn't really that bad, but I must have just needed to relax and just, well, sit!
The evening was warm and beautiful and the clouds had this beautiful pink tinge to them. Like I said, I think I was delirious. I took a picture, but the pink didn't quite show up :(

I love a nicely mowed field. Yes, I'm a geek!

While I was mowing, I noticed that the two weinies were not in sight and just as I was about to panic, I spotted them in the kennel, sitting in the doghouse, watching me! Apparently, they must think of the kennel as a safe place, so that made me feel good, since I still feel apprehensive when they have to be in there while I'm gone.

So there it is. One day of my "boring" life in a boring nutshell!

Tune in for more boring news tomorow! ;)

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  1. Finally getting caught up on my reading! The wall looks great!