Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few August pics!

Even though this looks like an apple, it is actually the last cherry from one of my 5 cherry trees. The birds must have gotten their fill and were kind enough to leave me about a half dozen cherries and this is the last one, so I let it live, as kind of a "trophy".  Maybe i'll eat it today, since I have proof of it now!

Next, the Clematis that I thought was dead from our late frost has come back to life and I can just about watch it growing. I am really happy about it's recovery since it was a Mother's Day gift from mom several years ago and was doing beautifully last year.

Below is what it looked like last May!

Sylvia gave me a Lace cap Hydrangea this last spring, I think, and I finally got around to planting it.
She also gave me some ornamental strawberries that make great groundcover, so I planted those too.
They are so cute! :)

 I got these beauties from either Syl or mom several years back, but neither of them remember. I put them in Whitey's vegetable garden for safekeeping until I knew where I wanted to plant them and they have spread from one flower to this group! Maybe I should leave them there. (?)   :)
 (Whitey hasn't thown them out yet, so that is a good sign!)

And last but not least for today, a couple shots of Whitey's pride and joy Poppy.

Pretty, huh?


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  1. Beautiful! I'm really glad that your Clematis made it.