Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Helping the Fiori Crew

***Disclaimer! Long post, sit down and grab a drink***

Last Saturday, we had our monthly sibling get-to-gether at John's house. We always end of walking, and this visit was no different! (Not like I don't need it, hahah...)

We worked up our appetite by walking to a nearby Chinese restaurant for a nice lunch. Well, it was supposed to be nearby, but John miscalculated and we ended up walking  a lot further than needed, but that's another story that he will never live down.
Anyway, after a nice lunch and great company, we walked off  our lunch by walking back home. We were a little worried he would forget his way home, but thank goodness Miles was there to save us!

We then proceeded to the Edgewater Inn to help Miles set up for a wedding.

This picture is not from the actual installation that we did, but this is the beautiful view from the room that we set up.  ***sigh***

So, we picked up flower arrangements from the shop and delivered them to the Edgewater to be placed on tables not already occupied by a fishbowl containing a Beta fish. We spread rose petals around the fish bowls while Miles decorated the cake with roses.
Besides the Beta fish, some cute personal touches I noticed, was the punch bowl, made entirely out of ice, the ever popular candy bar, and the grooms cake, which was a cougar with a WSU collar! GO COUGS, sorry Miles. He needs to send me some pictures, I didn't have my camera that day :(

I really would have liked to stay, especially after seeing the fully stocked bar, I mean, the candy bar, but I was dragged out kicking and screaming. Well, at least internally!
I know, I know.... Anyway,
From there, we drove (thank goodness) to Mile's shop and from there, walked down to Nordstrom so that he could show us what was going to be transformed into his Fiori at Norstrom shop.

This is Mr. Fiori himself, Miles Johnson

And, the three stooges, OK, the 2 stooges,

John's camera added 50 pounds to my normally svelte body. What's up with that???  ;)
Time for a new camera, John! I also want to add that these were taken after dusk, and I also did not edit them.
Not that that has anything to do with the extra 50 pounds, I'm just sayin'.

Introducing Fiori Floral Design at Nordstrom

There was much to do before the Grand Opening of FIORI FLORAL at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store, so I got to help Miles and his staff prepare roses for customers coming in to check out Nordstrom's new addition!
My job was threading his signature ribbon onto a business card and tying it to a rose.

400 of them!!!

There were many different colors, unfortunately, I didn't think of snapping a picture when they were all sitting together waiting for their ribbon and business card to be attached.


After finishing the roses, Miles and some of his staff and myself, walked from his shop on Terry Avenue to the Nordstrom store, to see how things were coming along, and OM Gosh, it looked so beautiful! I especially fell in love with the lighting and an antique flower cart (that I couldn't take a picture of with all the workers milling about!). I was however, able to sneak in a few quick shots of the lighting.

Sorry, the first picture ended up slightly blurry. It was a quick shot since I was trying to not to be in the way of the dear folks scurrying around getting things ready.

I managed to sneak in a close up of these wonderful lights!

Did I happen to mention how much I love these lights??? They might turn up missing someday... (insert evil laugh...), they would look great in my house!

These pictures really don't do them justice. I'd take them anyway.


  1. Those lights are the rage right now and hung together to form a chandelier; perfect! I'm so glad you got pics, since I wasn't able to be there. :(