Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Of School 2011

I cannot believe that Daemyan is in 5th grade!
Today was his first day, which, of course was met with excitement and anxiety. (By both of us!)

Once he was re-united with his best buds, I was pretty much non-existent, a.k.a., embarassing.

I have come to accept this painful part of  growing up.

What I don't tell, (and never would),  his homies, is that he still likes to snuggle at night and get a backrub. He still wants me to make up stories to help him fall asleep. He still wants warm milk, his vitamins and a papaya tablet. As "insignificant" as these things seem to be, they are precious and fleeting as life itself. I understand his need to break away from grandma in front of others, but I know better!

His precious little life is growing and changing and I have to help him be independent by just "being there". How cliche, but how true.

He came home excited and enthusiastic and my heart is filled with joy and gratitude.

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  1. Darling pics! I know just what you mean by excitement and anxiety. We just had school orientation today. Noelle left a lot more at ease than when we arrived, which helped me to relax too!